marble polishing

Marble Polishing in Sydney

Marble is structurally related to limestone but has undergone metamorphic changes as a result of prolonged compression. It can be cut and polished into a timeless and impressive surface that can be used for a variety of purposes. Often, marble is used for flooring, but can also be used for bench and tabletops, bathtub surrounds and mantle pieces.

Marble Weaknesses
Although marble can make a great showpiece, it has some weaknesses and if not treated properly, it can be damaged. Marble is porous and can absorb water and oils. This can result in dark staining that can be difficult to remove. If the marble is not finished with a protective coating, any liquid spills can be absorbed quickly. The other problem with marble is that it is relatively soft when compared to things like granite. It can be etched by acids such as fruit juices, vinegar, and acidic cleaners. This can result in dull areas in comparison to the surrounding shine and requires marble polishing to correct.

Why Choose Us?
We are the experts when it comes to marble floor polishing in Sydney. We have years of experience in the industry and you can trust us to restore your marble so it looks like new. We have all the knowledge and most up to date equipment to ensure an amazing job is completed every time. Our work exceeds industry standards and we continually update our methods as new tools and techniques are developed. All of our marble restoration is comprehensive and sealing can be performed to help prevent future damage.

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