marble etching

Marble Etching in Sydney

Unfortunately, one of the disadvantages of using marble in your house is that it will become ‘etched’ at some stage. Using high quality sealants and the right cleaners on your surfaces will reduce the risk of this happening. Etching can be very mild, but in some cases, it can be  obvious and can really take away from the whole marble. Marble etching removal is not as straightforward as some would imagine. No matter how much you try to wipe the etching away, you simply cannot get rid of it without a restorative procedure.

What Is Etching?

Marble etching occurs when acidic or otherwise harsh cleaners come into contact with the surface. The acids react with the calcium carbonate in the marble. The result is a loss of shine, change in texture and sometimes a slight change in color. The etch itself it sometimes only visible from certain angles and in particular lights, but a severe etch will be visible from almost anywhere.



If you have an etch or other imperfection in your marble that you want to be repaired, don’t risk doing it yourself. We have heard countless stories of people attempting to use a marble etch remover themselves, only for them to create more damage to the marble which has been very difficult and expensive to remove. A marble surface is a significant investment in any home, so don’t risk ruining yours. Contact Sydney Marble Restoration for all your marble etching repairs and you can have a piece of mind that we can get your surface looking like it originally did. Call now on 0414 543 854.