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Marble Cleaning in Sydney

Marble cleaning is a delicate task and one which should undertake with care. Marble is a relatively soft stone which has inherited a lot of its porous nature from limestone. It not only absorbs liquids, but can also be damaged by acidic and alkaline products including cleaners. If you use the wrong marble cleaner, you can actually cause more harm than good.

Marble Cleaning Sydney: What To Avoid

Acidic Cleaners
Any cleaners which have a pH lower than 7 are classified as acidic. Of course, the lower the pH, the more likely it is that the cleaner will cause damage.  However, it’s not just very strong acids that can damage marble, in fact, even fruit juices containing citric acid with a pH of around 4 can cause big problems.

Alkaline Cleaners
Those with a pH higher than 7 are classified as alkaline or basic. Highly alkaline cleaners, such as bleaches can damage marble surfaces too.

Some surface cleaners contain abrasive particles such as sodium carbonate. Because marble is relatively soft, this can result in superficial scratches and damage to your marble that detracts from the look of the overall surface and can most definitely be seen in the right (or wrong) light.

Always remember to clean up spills immediately, as marble, especially unsealed marble, will absorb these rapidly into its structure and result in staining. If wiping down, the best marble cleaner to use is a slightly damp cloth that has been soaked in a gentle solution of dilute pH neutral washing up liquid and water. You should dry the surface straight away after wiping over it. If your marble is not sealed, you should most definitely have it sealed to prevent problems from occurring.

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