Marble Restoration

Marble Protection in Sydney

If you have invested money in installing marble features in your home, it is worth having them protected with specialised sealants. These are particularly important with material like marble, which is porous and absorbs spills and stains from oils, coffee, and even water. Sydney Marble Restoration applies a sealant after the surface has been prepared as part of the standard marble restoration process. Doing so improves the marble’s life and will prolong the time until another rejuvenation is required.

Benefits Of A Sealant

There is a range of benefits of applying a sealant to any marble material. These benefits are just far too big to be ignored. That is why Sydney Marble Restoration always recommends the use of a sealant. Some of the benefits are as follows:

Marble Protection
Sealants provide a very thin protective layer on top of the surface and acts as a marble protector. This repels water and other liquids and prevents them from being absorbed into the structure and staining. It can also provide some marble protection against superficial scratches. Please note that any acidic liquids such as fruit juices or vinegar can etch surfaces such as marble, and should be cleaned up immediately.

Reduced Maintenance
Because of a sealant’s protective effects, you will find that your marble will remain glossy and free of imperfections for a longer period of time. This means that the time between your next marble restoration will be longer. We always recommend applying a sealant to all marble surfaces as it is a cost-effective method of prolonging the surfaces life.

Choice Of Final Look
A sealant can be designed to reflect the natural look of the marble, however, some clients prefer high gloss sealants or those which darken the marble. We have a range of sealants at hand and always patch test on inconspicuous areas to ensure you are happy with the finish.

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